Over 30 years working for industry, commerce and other sectors.  Large and small companies, in Sweden and abroad.  Material ranging from city infrastructure renovation projects, through speciality steels and shipping regulations to residential planning and inland waterways.  Regularly helping out some of the country's largest translation bureaux as a subcontractor, including EU texts.

In certain sectors, such as timber processing or deep-level mining, we have built up particular specialised knowledge through both running and participating in various courses.  Customers feel that their performance specifications for spent nuclear fuel repositories, specialised lighting systems or are in good hands.

Specialists in translation into Swedish of technical and commercial texts from (particularly) English, German, French and Spanish, and of course in the reverse directions
Translations to and from most language combinations - from, for example, Swedish or English to Japanese and Chinese.
Reasonable prices through our membership of a network of translators with low overhead costs. 
We provide practical real-time language assistance for negotiations, participation in trade fairs etc., both in Sweden and other countries.
Many companies use our services for writing, editing and proof-reading brochure and other materials for their products.
Customised intensive tuition and practice training in Swedish for immigrants.
Additional Swedish tuition as needed to meet authorisation requirements, from fundamentals and grammar to conversation

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